Advice from Publishing Professionals Part 2

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a Thanksgiving filled with food and gratitude. Here is the second part of my post on advice I have gotten throughout my internships in NY's publishing industry. As always, I start with a song! ~If you have ever been interested in a career in publishing, you have probably... Continue Reading →


Advice from Publishing Professionals Part 1

Below is advice I have gotten from people I have interned for. To get this precious information I had individual meetings with them and came prepared with questions. I recommend that every intern in any industry do the same (see my previous post for more of my tips). I can't directly quote specific people, because... Continue Reading →

The Little Differences

Although London is an English speaking city, it is still in a foreign country. American and English cultures are similar, but its the little differences that make living here very interesting. Digital Media: The Brits aren't digital media obsessed. The internet here is slow and limited, so I find myself online for no more than... Continue Reading →

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