Tower of Tourists

The ancient Tower of London with its yellow stone parapets and green lawns jumps out at me as I walk out of the Underground station. The fort sits strangely among the modernity around it. My initial intrigue and excitement ran short, however, when I saw the mass of people waiting in line for entrance tickets.... Continue Reading →


Church of England

After touring Westminster Abbey it became clear to me that the Abbey is more of a symbol of the English people than a symbol of God or Christianity. In April the interior of Westminster Abbey was viewed by over two billion people as they tuned into the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.... Continue Reading →

Wine and Literature at Bloomsbury

Visiting a publishing house may not be high on the list of things to do in London for many people. But for a group of young writers, this tour generated much excitement. As my class and I approached the blue door with the gold plate etched with “Bloomsbury Publishing” the trees glowing green after the... Continue Reading →

Jealous of Helena

To say that William Shakespeare has a beautiful way with words it so state the obvious. What takes his talent beyond his language is his ability to appeal to particular human emotions and draw specific responses from his audience. His play Alls Well that Ends Well has many themes that appeal to audiences such as... Continue Reading →

Aphrodite Beckons

The Reading Room at The British Museum The British Museum pops up rather suddenly in the residential area of Bloomsbury. Gates iced with gold open up to allow visitors free entry into the museum. A stream of tourists pass through the glowing white marble and glass ceiling of the Great Court and flows into the... Continue Reading →

Playing in the Streets

After class today my friends and I wandered about Covent Garden. It is multiple blocks of shops, booths,bars, clubs and street performers almost totally closed off from traffic. I became obsessed with every new street show we came upon. It is so interesting to me the kind of personality it takes to me a performer.... Continue Reading →

The Little Differences

Although London is an English speaking city, it is still in a foreign country. American and English cultures are similar, but its the little differences that make living here very interesting. Digital Media: The Brits aren't digital media obsessed. The internet here is slow and limited, so I find myself online for no more than... Continue Reading →

Opposite Side of the Street

This is my first post from London! I'm sitting in small, but clean flat on my small, but hopefully clean bed (just kidding, mom). After sleeping in from jet lag and my first taste of British cider, my flatmates and I spent the day looking for Fordham's London Centre in Kensington. We got a bit... Continue Reading →

Preparing for London

The most intimidating part of any adventure, for me, is the planning. I am a recovering perfectionist, so I really take the engery to prepare for any possible situation. I have never traveled to Europe before so I am flying blind in what to expect and prepare for. Thanks to Fordham's study abroad office I... Continue Reading →

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