Nepal Travel Writing Coming Soon

I hiked up to the Everest Base Camp in Nepal back in October. Due to more traveling, moving, job searching, life, etc. I haven't put up my journal entries and photos yet. I'm working on them now and they will be up soon!!


Why I Don’t Like New York City

*Edit 2/21/2017- I am pretty embarrassed by this post. I was very naive and close-minded when I wrote it. I'm so tempted to edit it, but will preserve it as a reminder of how I've grown in the past four years. Please read it with a grain of salt and dash of humor!* I have... Continue Reading →

12 Things I Wish I Had Known

These are twelve things I wish I had known before starting internships in book publishing. First, a song. From my last post, you know I'm a Charli XCX fan. Hummed this to myself while walking to my summer internship just like a real, crazy New Yorker. 1) The big six houses are corporations meaning there... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

Wow, It has been over a year since my last post. Whoops. But I'm back! I'm not sure what I'm going to try to blog about since I'm not in London anymore. Maybe I'll talk about working at a literary agency. Or music. Or school. Or snow. I love snow. Maybe I could talk about... Continue Reading →

Boxing in the Rain

The rain fell in long, cold drops as I walked the slick path leading to Highgate Cemetery. The slick pavements starts around the corner from the Highgate Cemetery bus stop and winds through fields of grass, glowing and bowing under heavy water droplets, over ponds polka-doted with ripples, and along tall oaks covered with moss... Continue Reading →

An Irish/Canadian/American in London

Sean Power first introduced himself to me as I was walking from the Russell Square Tube station to my flat on Farringdon Road. He stopped my friend, Jackie, and me and asked, “You guys American?” Upon hearing an American accent I eagerly spun and exclaimed, “Yes!” A thirty-something man wearing a full leather motorcycle-racing outfit... Continue Reading →

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